The B-Movie Comic debuted in 2005 (an eternity ago in internet years) after a long and arduous development phase. Seriously, development took easily 20 minutes, if not longer. Looking back, the development of the premise might have deserved slighly more thought than it received, but…well, water under the bridge. It was supposed to be a B-Movie Comic, after all, so thinking things through too thoroughly would have undermined the whole concept, anyway.

Ever since its debut, the comic has been updated twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, nearly without fail – I think there were only one or two completely skipped updates, and a couple of times the update was a day late in all of that time. If nothing else, I’m kinda reliable, it seems.

The core cast has been largely the same since the beginning, a dynamic quartett made up of the professorial Professor, his goth assistant Mopey, dumb jock Biff and lovable urchin Snuka. Part-time undead Gregory was the only real addition to the main cast over the course of the years, and he took quite a while to secure his permanent spot. The most frequently recurring supporting characters are probably British scientist Sir Lostalot Broughtup-Snobbishly, his wife Gwendolyn (also known under many variations of that name) and the piratical pair of Father John Captain McKenzie (former priest) and El Lightening Blue (former luchador).

While the main cast hasn’t changed, their appearance was usually redesigned at the start of each new chapter, and occasionally in between, as well.

Early strips were still in black/white, and created mostly traditionally, but later on I switched to full color, and did more and more of the work digitally. Nowadays, the strip is done completely digitally, including even the sketching phase. The style also evolved over the years…or perhaps it would be more honest to say it kept and keeps drifting around in circles…

Thematically, the webcomic has already covered quite a bit of ground, but then, “B-Movie” opens up a vast field. The current chapter, the seventh, features a fantasy theme – it’s also the first that deviates from the established pattern of starting out with the main cast assembled at Lillytown University, the traditional setting. In fact, the established heroes haven’t shown up at all so far, but they will be back…

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