One of Us – Chapter 8, Prologue, Strip 1

And thus begins another chapter of the B-movie Comic, entitled* “The It that came from beyond Imagination”.

And perhaps I should stress that that’s “It” as in, the third-person, singular neuter pronoun. Not “IT” as in, Information Technology. I think that’s a necessary clarification, for the things that emerge from IT departments also often defy all imagination. >_> They didn’t have that ambiguity in the fifties, when ‘it’ was a popular feature in movie titles…for movies of a certain B-ish bend. The exploitation that took place back then seems to have damaged the reputation of that style of movie title, but naturally I’ll fly that banner proudly, not generally being easily discouraged by the negative reputation of the tropes I’m using. XD

Anyway, that’s the title. As usual, I’ll assume no liability for the accuracy and relevance of the title in relation to the contents of the chapter. Welcome to the new chapter, in any case!

And we start of the new chapter with a somewhat administrative matter, which is still quite essential. I couldn’t really find any reliable information on how the process by which you’re granted tenure works in detail…but there are some rumors about how an initiation ritual into the Cosa Nostra works, and I’ll just assume that it works just the same for tenure. It’s a more than just roughly analogous situation, isn’t it? Mopey’s a tenured professor now, entitled to a cut of the receipts from the rackets and required to do her part in turf wars to defend or expand the territory of her family – which might involve doing a hit on some designated target. But, actually, that does sound like something Mopey should be able to deal with easily…just like her predecessor likely always did.

More on Monday.

* provisionally (chuckle)

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