Dark Undersea Master – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 43

Yeah, Mopey still has a hard time getting over the great Digimon-Dagomon-disappointment-debacle of 2000.

As do I, obviously. >_> I apologize to everyone unaffected (lucky you!) for this tangent…or nurturing of old (and trivial) grudges…
But, hey, the plot naturally did call for a monster appearing from the ocean at this juncture, so using the opportunity to hearken back to those bad old days is essentially just a bonus. Or a malus? Hard to say into which direction this one would be counting… >_>

So, yeah, me and Mopey are slightly contented by the opportunity to vent…too bad for Snuka, who made a very earnest effort to appropriately elevate the situation with his acting, which then fell flat due to Mopey non-selling it. But, hey, what’s one more “Too bad for Snuka” situation in a life so full of them?

More – and a much more revealing reveal – on Monday.