Getting Into Shape Again – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 143

With its secret having been revealed, there’s no longer any need for Nyarlathotep to confine itself to the narrow boundaries of a comprehensible, Euclidean body…especially not one made from such an un-otherworldly material as plush.

So Latho quickly trashes the limits of physics and sanity and slips into something more comfortable – a body with a more sensible amount and variety of eyes, and a greater number of appendages of a more flexible nature. The soundscape accompanying these disturbing changes would naturally have to be disturbing in itself – but the limits of the webcomic medium allow me to elegantly sidestep the problem of having to actually come up with that.

Extra eyes and tentacles, it is – because these are pretty much the classics when it comes to Lovecraftian horrors. Some of them seem to consist of little else, and the vast majority display these features prominently, at the very least. The appearances of the rest are completely varied and sometimes highly original – but we’re not that high-brow around here, we stick with the accepted norms. (And this is only his first…well, technically second…form, after all – plus it’s not like I couldn’t just change the character design at any point, given how it’s supposed to be a shape-changing creature from beyond rationality.*)

Of course, in an anime/manga context tentacles are sometimes used …uh…to set a completely different form of mood. Everyone of the cast has seen enough hentai to be aware of that, so those castmembers who feel particularly exposed sensibly try to squash any inclinations into that direction in the bud. And those vulnerable-feeling castmembers include Snuka, since he’s wearing a skirt at the moment.**

More on Monday.

* …and given how I often change character designs without any justification at all… >_>

** Realistically speaking, of course, the other, pants-wearing castmembers have no reason to feel safe from that kind of thing – for anime/manga caters to all kinds of tastes…but they might just not have seen enough of that kind of hentai to be aware.