JAWS V: The Revenge-revenge – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 102

A lot of people claim that the beach is the perfect place to relax and recharge. I do concur, just with the qualification that it only applies, im my eyes, to entities which employ an aquatic-life-based breath or projectile weapon. I’ll allow for a pretty loose interpretation of that restriction*, but it’s still probably a very exclusive group of people…even assuming a similarly loose interpretation of ‘people’.

But, hey, after what happened in the last strip, Mechagodzilla definitely fully qualifies for that group – and his well-deserved R&R trip to the beach seems to go very well. Because, yeah, that one attack took a lot out of him – a lot of Great White sharks, that is. So, naturally, he has to restock his…well, I guess he has to have some internal storage pool, or something? As well as some facility to mount the multi-barreled lasers to the fish. Plus, of course, storage for the laser guns themselves…unless he has an internal production facility for multi-barreled lasguns? Yeah, I’ve said (and shown) it before – the internal workings of a giant robot are some sort of non-Euklidian multi-dimensional grey area which can contain anything or nothing, as the plot dictates…

But showing the reloading process for fish-based breath weapons isn’t actually the purpose of this strip – the real purpose is not showing what has happened to the protagonists. If you go for cheap tension, and which B-movie wouldn’t?, you can’t follow up a seeming catastrophic defeat/destruction of the heroes with a scene showing the results. You have to put stuff in between, ideally irrelevant stuff. I think this should qualify nicely.

Bonus B-movie authenticity moment: in panel four, you can faintly make out the tiles on the bottom of the pool. XD

More on Thursday.

* A bad case of halibut-breath might fall under it, for example.