New Beginning, Old Songs – Chapter 7, Epilogue 01

Welcome to Chapter Seven of the B-movie Comic! As the title probably gives away immediately, this chapter is going to have a bit of a fantasy theme. So this first strip establishes a theme-appropriate setting: a vast forest. Not that forests are terribly fantastic per se, but fantasy forest tend to be a bit more foresty than their real-life counterparts. And, while real-life forest usually have boring names based on their geographical location, fantasy forest tend to have more evocative ones.

And for this forest here, a location-based name wasn’t really an option to begin with, since the wider location remains indeterminate for the time being. And indeterminate location forest</> just doesn’t have that fantasy vibe to it. So Evergreen forest it is, and of course it wasn’t hard to find a justification for such a name. It’s simple: all of the birds here swallowed copies of the Great American Songbook and have been stuck on it ever since. You can imagine what the rest of the local fauna feels about that. >_>

The birds depicted are fantasy species as well, of course. The left one is a psitacopus dinomartinus, and the right one a paradigalla sinatra. Oh, wait…Latin doesn’t really fit into a fantasy setting. Itacopuspsay inomartinusday and aradigallapay inatrasay. There, better.

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