The Splitting of the Ways – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 98

The end is nigh! At least for the alliance between Team K’ip and Team People-from-a-foreign-world-(who-have-an-interest-in-returning-to-said-foreign-world).

It didn’t start out as that much of an alliance, one might even say it was pretty antagonistic at the root. But then it turned into a good and firm alliance … of convenience. But then it turned into a real alliance with a side of friendship. The clincher was probably that extended period of crying and being depressed while hanging around the En’ilef village. It’s generally easy to form emotional attachments in such a vulnerable state of mind, and the shared threat of utter defeat and annihilation might have helped, too.

So the separation from K’ip and Si’ri adds a tinge of sadness to our heroes’ triumphant return to their homeworld (assumed for the near future), and of course the same goes for K’ip and Si’ri themselves. Yes, it goes for both of them. It’s just a lot more obvious in Si’ri’s case, but that’s something of a racial trait. As has been pointed out before, it can’t be easy to fit all of the emotions of a full-sized human being into such a tiny fairy body, so it’s only to be expected that they sometimes just burst out at the seams. While K’ip, even in this situation, simply displays the dignified and aloof demeanour that is natural for a cat.

Believe me, K’ip is sad about this separation, he just felt that the most dignified way to deal with it was to pretend to be napping. >_> Of course, in order to pull that pretense of, he had to try and find a plausibly comfortable sleeping position…which, as always, took him a while. And once he had finally managed, I guess he did fall asleep for real, but you can hardly blame him for that. Pretending to sleep is pretty boring, and if you do it while you’re already in the perfect position to fall asleep…

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