Somehow – Chapter 7, Epilogue, Strip 16

OK, originally I didn’t plan to have any sort of coda to the revelation that the Professorian stayed behind in the fantasy realm – but back then I also had no idea that “Emperor Palpatine”, of whom Thronesitter is a quite blatant rip-off, was bound for a canonical return to Star Wars.

A very vaguely explained return, I might add. I’m still wavering on whether I should be disgusted at that lax treatment of such an important plot point, or actually be admiring of it. ._. Yeah, “somehow” returning doesn’t really explain anything, but it’s not like they couldn’t have drawn on any of a large number of stock mechanisms for bringing a dead character back: cloning, the-one-that-got-killed-was-a-doombot, spirit transfer, time-traveling, plain ol’ magic, divine intervention, you name it. And would have any of those explanations actually have mattered in context? Viewed through that lens, the “oh, let’s not even bother pretending” attitude displayed by the handling of that plot twist has at least one thing going for it: honesty. XD They brought him back because they wanted (or, as some say, needed) him back, and everyone knows that – so why waste anyone’s time jumping through the same, tired old loops?

Anyway, it was a thoroughly B-movieish moment for a multi-billion-dollar franchise, so how could I stand aside and not do the same? Inconceivable.

So, Thronesitter is back, somehow, as well – but I’ll leave it at that. I’m sure K’ip, Si’ri and the Professorian will manage to take him down again, and probably will have a great time doing it, but it will not be the subject of future elaboration here. XD

More on Monday.