A new Beginning – Chap. 3, Act 1, Strip 1

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    1. Yeah, in 2017 we switched our content management system and webhost, and that migration wasn’t entirely without casualties. ^_^; It went better than we feared, but a few bits of contents still went missing – fortunately none of the strips themselves, and not that many of the comments. Sorry.

      1. I know webarchive has all the commentary from the old strips – it’s how I read it with commentary back when I reread it. Ever consider having someone copy-paste from over there, or something?

        1. Well, yeah…but that’s one of a number of labor-intensive tasks that neither me nor my brother have had time to tackle so far…because they would take a lot of time, they’re not terribly enjoyable and there are worse things wrong with the strip that are better investments for our time. ^_^;

          1. Thaaat’s reasonable enough. Here’s hoping you can eventually make it happen or get someone to make it happen!

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