A short intermission, part three (of three) – A short intermission, strip 3 (of 3)

Well, not everyone went as planned, but fortunately most things did – the intermission is prolonged for today, but I’ve got nearly everything set up for the new chapter now, so it can definitely start on Monday. And, come to think of it, Monday is more appropriate weekday for a fresh start, anyway.

In the meantime, this is another strip from my folder of back-ups. If I remember correctly, I originally drew it for some competition, but I’ve never published it here on BMC before.

I would ask you not to print out copies of this strip and hang them on your wall – then poor Biff would feel hanged, drawn and quartered, and that’s really cruel.

See you on Monday, for the launch of the exciting next chapter in the ongoing BMC saga, the name of which – …I already know and you don’t. HaHa.