A short intermission, part three (of three) – A short intermission, strip 3 (of 3)

Well, not everyone went as planned, but fortunately most things did – the intermission is prolonged for today, but I’ve got nearly everything set up for the new chapter now, so it can definitely start on Monday. And, come to think of it, Monday is more appropriate weekday for a fresh start, anyway.

In the meantime, this is another strip from my folder of back-ups. If I remember correctly, I originally drew it for some competition, but I’ve never published it here on BMC before.

I would ask you not to print out copies of this strip and hang them on your wall – then poor Biff would feel hanged, drawn and quartered, and that’s really cruel.

See you on Monday, for the launch of the exciting next chapter in the ongoing BMC saga, the name of which – …I already know and you don’t. HaHa.

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  1. Eyyyyy, finished Chapter 3! Wow, does it feel weird to have read a whole new chapter of content I had yet to read. Luckily for me, doing so answered one of the longest running questions I had from remembering 1, 2, start of 3, and some of 7 – when did the Gregory/Sephy switcharoo happen? And now it is clear.

    I can definitely see what was meant about this being a lot more tightly plotted, that’s for sure. Still plenty of anticlimaxes and drawn out punchlines as one expects from the B-Movie Comic, but not on the same level as everyone’s favorite enormous mountain atop which a brothel sits.

    Still not entirely 100% used to the redesigns, though. That’s what nine years of vague memories to.

    Soon it will be off to Chapter 4!

    1. Oh and I forgot to mention – I was legitimately surprised how few George Geekish cutins we got in this time.

      1. Yeah, I pretty much retired that line of joke over the course of this chapter. The reason is really simple, there was not way to keep it from getting repetitive – while the actual plot can shift through all kinds of genres, the behind-the-scenes issues of movie-making pretty much stay the same, with only slight variations by genre.

        And there is also something of a natural limit to what you can do with something like the “Lee Douglas doing stunts” set-up. It requires a constant increase in the absurdity of the premise and the amount of damage inflicted on Lee to keep going, and beyond a certain point that just doesn’t really work anymore…and I probably was already way past that point in chapter 2. XD

    2. Yeah, I had a much clearer idea of where I was going, with this chapter, compared to the previous one…and a rough idea and plan on how to get there. Which still left me with some points at which I had a hard time to get the plot moving forward at an acceptable pace – but at least it wasn’t as bad as before, even at its worst.

      Finding a way to get Sephy out of the team was actually one of the seeds from which the whole plot sprouted, since I regretted my decision to include him in hindsight. The other seeds were: 1. something about an aquatic monster, 2. “Captain Emo” and 3. a return of Sir Lostalot. XD

      As for the character redesign, I wasn’t entirely sure of it, myself, so I redesigned them again for Chapter 4.

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