The last loose thread – Chapter 2, Strip 463


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  1. Well, i finally did! Started a couple weeks ago, and finished rereading the two parts of the B-Movie Comic I actually read in… god, 2010. Only read the end of chapter 2 live, dropped off during the start of chapter 3, so it’s time for the adventure into the unknown!

    I have two questions as I go off to read:
    -What was the original, apparently more condensed version of chapter 2 like?
    -I remember from reading live that you had one more chapter 2 strip after this one, which apparently has been removed from the website. Is there any way to still read that one, or has it been fully deleted?

    1. Then, first of all: welcome back! =D

      As for the questions:

      – there really wasn’t a more condensed version of chapter 2 (although I guess there should have been), but during the original run there was a kind of “variation”: there was an extended April’s Fool gag with a pretend ‘artist swap’ between the B-Movie Comic and the webcomic UC. These strips were removed from the continuity after the ‘revelation’ of the gag, and moved to a different section of the original site, but I couldn’t reconstruct this here.

      – when we moved from the old site to this new one, we reconstructed the archives on the basis of the logs from the old server, so theoretically, everything should be as it was originally published. This strip ran on July 21st, 2010, and the first strip of the third chapter ran on July 25th. That being said, I just checked and I do have a couple of ‘extra’ strips for the tail-end of chapter 2…based on the server logs, I assumed I had never published them (they were kind of fillerish, tbh)…and I sure don’t remember posting and later removing them. But, given the problems we had with reconstructing the archives after the server move, I can’t really rule it out, either. I think I’ll just add an odds and ends section to the site, then I can post those strips, the ones from the UC crossover and anything else that wasn’t in the regular publication schedule. ^_^;

      1. Thank you! Having only had Chapters 1 and 2 in my mind for years… can confirm it’s still taking me a bit to get used to character redesigns beyond those, eheheh.

        Yeah, I saw all the old revelation stuff in the commentary. I can see why the other chapters are apparently a bit tighter – this chapter really is a huge contrast compared to Chapter 1.

        Hmmm. Might have been posted and removed, or possibly shown on the forum as non-canon? It’s been nine years, after all, my memory is a bit fuzzy. Well, I definitely support the idea of an odds and ends section full of leftover strips and fanart and the like, those are always neat! So you have my support if you ever make that!

        1. Yeah, chapter 2 is a real mess, in that regard…due to some issues in my rl back then, I was doing great swathes of it basically on autopilot – not really moving the plot forward, just filling strips with pretty random cameos. After I finally managed to wrap it up, I swore I wouldn’t make the same mistake again…at which I was only more or less successful in later chapters, but it never got quite as bad as chapter 2 again. ^_^;

          And, yeah, it’s definitely possible I posted those strips somewhere outside of the main site back then…it’s kinda embarrassing that I can’t remember at all. But it’s really hard to maintain an overview, once you get beyond a couple of hundred strips…I think I can really understand why G.R.R. Martin’s writing speed has dropped off so significantly lately. XD

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