Bad Luck Hunting – Chapter 7, Epilogue 04

First off, a site-related remark: while not immediately visible, reconstruction work continues behind the scenes, and we hope we’ll be close to full functionality shortly. ^_^; Sorry for the various issues and not-finalized look right now, it all turned out a bit more complicated than anticipated.

Now, on to the strip. And here I’ve first got to say that I went through absolute hell doing it: I had the song stuck in my head for THREE DAYS. If you’re interested to join my class-action lawsuit against Disney Corp., please get in touch with my lawyer.

That aside, we see a little bit more of K’ip today. Supporting what I said on Thursday, panel two shows him creeping, but not being creepy – and definitely no boils to see anywhere. Crepuscular, hah!

We also get to see his hunting skills in action, and he’s obviously very careful and methodic in his hunting. He checks for the direction of the wind, positions himself accordingly, and has his weapon and ammunition at the ready. Admittedly, that last part is made easier by the fact that he’s got that sort of inventory device that doesn’t take up much space, weighs hardly anything, and easily contains any number of items of any size and weight. It came as an accessory with the green outfit, luckily for him.

Speaking of ‘luckily’, he ran a bit short on luck at the very end of his hunting operation. That happens. If you’ve ever wondered why hunter/gatherer cultures never look back once they’ve mastered basic agriculture, here’s your answer. ._.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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