Tough Choices – Chap. 6, Epilogue 10

First off, I’ll repeat my announcement from Monday:


Announcement part the first: Scheduling
The next update (Sept. 25th) will be a final epilogue to this chapter, the NEW CHAPTER will begin posting on September 28th.

Announcement part the second: Technical

Concurrently with the new chapter, we will be moving to a new site with a new webhost. The URL will remain the same, but during the moving process, the site will be temporarily offline – so don’t worry if you can’t reach the site at some point after Sept. 21st, or if it’s a bit wonky once it’s back. There will be technical issues, but they should be only temporary, and if all goes as planned, it should all be sorted out by the 28th, so please bear with us.

The forums will be shutting down permanently at the same time, since the new site will feature a comment section that’ll allow you to comment or ask questions directly below the respective strip, if you’re so inclined.


Second off, back to good, old Snuka for a moment. As you can see, he has successfully completed his escape from Adm. Watanabe’s cruiser in the meantime, and managed to procure an acceptable outfit somewhere along the way. His head is also covered again by something that could easily pass for hair at first glance, although it’s actually an artisanal seaweed sculpture made to order and painted glossy black to resemble his former coifure as closely as possible. >_> In short, he’s feeling almost human again, which is as human as he’s ever felt.

But he still had a decision to make, and that’s why he sought out some undisclosed oceanside location…since these kind of decisions basically require you to stare out at the ocean during your deliberations. This also has the advantage that, should your decision turn out to be fatuous, you can have a huge wave strike the rocks behind you immediately, setting the proper tone.

Snuka’s decision, though, is more low-key. Given the unique fungibility of his personal backstory, he had to decide whether he wants to keep the new one he’s acquired this chapter, or toss it into the caldera of Retcon Mountain* and revert to being of unknown parentage. It wasn’t an easy decision. On the one hand, being the grandson of a homicidal, filicidal, virtual, authoritarian, militarist, nationalist, racist douchebag with a couple of stars on his collar isn’t exactly the cream of fates…on the other hand, if he resets his bio, there’s no telling what kind of backstory he’ll require the next time. It might well be better, but it could be worse. O-O

At the end of the day, though, Snuka will always be a gambler, so of course he settled for taking his chances.

More on Monday!

* A mountain which, in case you were wondering, is just about a third as high as Silhouette Mountain.

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