Talk Like a Pirate’s Day Eve 2017 – Chap. 6, Epilogue 9

First off, a little


Announcement part the first: Scheduling
The next two updates (21st and 25th) will be two further epilogues to this chapter, the NEW CHAPTER will begin posting on September 28th.

Announcement part the second: Technical

Concurrently with the new chapter, we will be moving to a new site with a new webhost. The URL will remain the same, but during the moving process, the site will be temporarily offline – so don’t worry if you can’t reach the site at some point after Sept. 21st, or if it’s a bit wonky once it’s back. There will be technical issues, but they should be only temporary, and if all goes as planned, it should all be sorted out by the 28th, so please bear with us.

The forums will be shutting down permanently at the same time, since the new site will feature a comment section that’ll allow you to comment or ask questions directly below the respective strip, if you’re so inclined.


Second off, Talk Like a Pirate Day is tomorrow, September 19th, and naturally I tried my best to schedule this particular strip as close to that date as possible. And Dorito and Sauce-ke do, in fact, make honest efforts to talk like proper pirates…while their new partner is still a bit lagging in that regard, but these things take time.

And so this little epilogue brings closure to the ninja characters involved in the plot. Or rather, the no-longer-ninja characters, since they’ve all made the eminently reasonable decision to leave the dreary life of the covert assassin behind for the much happier days of the pirate’s life! And their is not only reasonable on an individual basis, it also serves the common good by reducing global warming – so it’s a great moral choice, as well.

The reasons for the career switch vary a bit, of course, for the various persons involved. While Dorito and Sauce-ke owe their enlightenment to the mentorship of Father John Captain McKenzie and El Lightening Blue, Professor Ninjapolous Ninjaiakis’ decision was more compelled by circumstances. Having lost a leg to a poisonous sea urchin off-screen, he no longer felt physically competent to be a teacher of ninjas, while by pirate standards his new peg-leg made him more qualified than before. Add in all of the other perks of the pirate life, and it was not a hard decision to make…the hardest part was getting his name changed to Professor Piratopolous Piratiakis.

Their pirate ship is a bit on the small side for the time being, but it’s only a starting point, after all. In time, they’ll surely be able to steal something more impressive, and also get started on collecting all of those pirate artifacts the Professor will need for his planned piracy museum.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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