Land of Confusion – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 23

And here the Professor has made a valiant effort at offering up his theory on what happened, what went wrong and what led to the situation they currently find themselves in.

It didn’t go over well. Incomprehension all around.

In his defense, it’s very hard to give that sort of explanation in a B-movie without coming over as some sort of conspiratorial crank. Part of the problem is that B-movie plots often do involve conspiracies in the background…and the other part of the problem is that B-movie writers often are conspiratorial cranks themselves. Add to this the Professor’s background in academic teaching, and it’s little wonder that nobody understood a word he said.

He’ll try a different tack on Monday.

P.S.: Yeah, Mopey hanging on Gregory (her ex, after all) like that is kind of out-of-character for her. But I wanted to show how she’s currently a bit confused, emotionally vulnerable and not quite feeling herself…