Sting. – Chapter 8 Epilogue, Strip 23

And this strip finally and officially concludes the chapter.

It doesn’t mean a lot, actually, but having a post-credit stinger of this sort is simply too much of a tradition to pass by. Don’t worry, though, it’s just a formality – neither Pazuzu nor Mopey’s laptop will actually play any role in the upcoming new chapter. I can’t give any guarantees concerning later chapters, of course – who knows whether this will make a convenient place ot revisit at some later time? In case it turns out that way, I reserve the right to do it.

But the next chapter will be 100% free of Pazuzu (and gluten). And starting on Monday.

Thanks for sticking around for this chapter, and keep sticking around for the next one, if you like to. =)

More on Monday.