Shred of Sanity (since deceased) – Chapter 8 Epilogue, Strip 22

Despite Latho’s relatively high deservingness of punishment, I decided to conclude this little excursion into his further exploits/adventures by giving him a little bit of respite…if only a tiny little bit of it. (Not gonna spoil him.)

For even in a ruined universe that is crumbling into madness and incoherence in many places, there are always small pockets of sanity left somewhere. Tenuous pockets, but tenacious ones – a few stragglers always manage to hold on and escape the general malaise, and for our anti-hero Latho, one of those stragglers provides timely escape.

Of course this strip has aged very badly since I originally drew it. Back then I just had “a bad feeling about this” – i.e. I was afraid that Ezra Bridger would be brought back into the new canon in some ‘re-imagined’ form, in spite of the fact that his original arc gave him such satisfying closure. And a short while after I drew this strip, exactly that happened…but I decided to keep this strip in, anyway. It’s an omake, anyway, so the fact that it’s now non-canonical on several levels shouldn’t matter too much. And in some perverse way I’m almost kinda proud that I foresaw that…

More on Thursday.