Grow Smart and Laugh – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 43

Well, I guess I painted myself into a corner with this one, didn’t I?

Given how ‘existential’ the nemeses to the individual characters have been up to now…well, I mean, possibly excluding the giant cheese wheel*…there was no real alternative to having Biff confront himself. The older, pre-nowadays!Biff!Biff. The being he once was, and now could never imagine wishing to ever be again. His hidden shame from the past. The physical equivalent of cringey, teenage social media posts resurfacing. You know: good, old, Biff.

A clear choice on the existential(ist) challenge front, for sure…the problem is just, how is old Biff going to be anything like a challenge to new Biff? Foolishly I decided not to take most of Biff’s muscle mass away when I gave him that massive intellectual upgrade, so old vs. new is a seriously unbalanced face-off now. One guy who’s smart enough to use his physical attributes to greatest advantage versus one guy who…well, has physical attributes.

I’d probably been better off breaking with the existentialist theme and just have Biff jumped by an even bigger wheel of Gouda than the one that menaces Snuka…

More on Thursday.

*It’s borderline, though. Gouda might not have had a huge impact on the core of Snuka’s psyche, but it did have a huge impact on a core element of his physique. Repeatedly. For a century. If that’s not outright existential, it’s at least pretty close to it.