Solar Polonaise – Chapter 8, Prologue, Strip 2

After the somewhat sparsely-sourced episode that started the chapter, we’re on much more firmly established ground today.

Of course, it’s only “firmly established” in the sense that a whole lot of classic B-movies start out with this sort of vague pablum about the universe, the solar system and all of the rest. The pablum itself is not at all firmly established, naturally, and eschews scientific accuracy for the half-knowledge readily available to a scriptwriter who feels no need to walk over to his bookshelf and pick up an encyclopedia…or just google the facts on his mobile. Why check that sort of thing – having gotten your high school diploma proves that you already all of it, doesn’t it? Because they really aren’t supposed to give you the thing if you don’t. >_>

So, yeah, everything said here is inaccurate – and the thing about the Poles is borderline racist, but, let me assure you, doesn’t reflect my true feelings on the subject. It’s just there to fit the genre. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a large (and growing) number of Poles, and they naturally have every right to bear whichever names they like, irrespective of other peoples’ ability to pronounce them. =P

More on Thursday.

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