Moodkiller – Chapter 8, Prologue, Strip 3

Yeah, that whole ‘romantic evening’ thing is hard – the planning, the set-up, keeping it going. And then some trivial little detail intrudes and ruins the whole, carefully nurtured mood, and you’re pretty much back to square one, if not worse.

Much worse, in the case of this (up to now) anonymous couple – not only have they gotten rudely ejected from a pretty comfortable mood-bubble they had going, they’ve been subjected to a considerable volume of blast effect. And, given we’re talking B-movie here, they’re lucky if it was only a conventional blast, and not a nuclear one. B-movies used to love everything atomic, so mutation is always an option. Although I guess it’s kinda too early in the movie for that.

Leaving that couple aside for the moment, the main bit of information to be gleaned from this episode is the fact that our beloved home planet has been struck by an asteroid. It’s never too early in a movie for that…in fact, the two typical scenarios for asteroid strikes in movies are striking hard early in the movie or not striking at all, after a lot of anticipation, at the very end. We can already rule that latter scenario out, thanks to the last two panels. This definitely counts as a hard strike.

More on Monday.

4 Replies to “Moodkiller – Chapter 8, Prologue, Strip 3”

  1. Between Chapters 2 and 4 of the B-Movie comic, I think we know pretty well this world’s status of interplanetary life.

    1. The real illusion is them being close enough to the blast area to be receiving that level of wind effect and not get any dust, dirt, grass, and possibly wood splinters in their face as well. Good thing for them there’s such a thing as a budget and that debris cost money.

      1. I’m suprised they had the budget for a fan big enough to get that effect in the first place, unless they just did a reverse Batman…

    2. Yeah, interplanetary life doesn’t really have a sterling track record of amicability towards Earth in the BMC…but, I guess, the very title of the B-movie Comic made that more or less inevitable. And, you know, past performance doesn’t predict future performance, so we could pretend it’ll all turn out well – at least for a little while longer. XD

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