White Lotus revealed! – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 3

Well, so how’s this for an elegant segue from the title sequence to the movie?

Preeeettttyyyy elegant, if I have to says so myself. Or at least definitely more elegant than would befit the usual level of a B-movie.

And it’s so goddam mother-fing meta, if it only had an extra l, it would totally be goddam mother-fing metal!

At least the car’s kinda wonky-looking, that someway makes up in incomptenence for the otherwise far too professional sequence. I’m just not that great at drawing cars – and I already went looking for the Lotus with the simplest design I could find. It’s a bit of a vintage model, but I guess I can imagine the driver in question to have a thing for classic cars – and it’s a lot easier to draw than the more modern Lotus cars, which have bulges and holes everywhere. I think they must have moths in that factory.

I managed to still screw it up, of course, but we’ll just chalk that up to Nolan getting into a fender bender while taking the car for a ‘testrun’, and George trying to bend everything back into shape as best as he could. Which, as usually, was not very best.

And I don’t think I’ve ever justified the title of an chapter this quickly. With the ‘white Lotus’ part down, we’ll only have to find out what this car’s secrets are…and if they are similarly underwhelming, we might start the next chapter after this by next week already! >_> OK, it’s probably not going to be that quick…

More on Thursday!