Deserting the Desert – Chapter 7, Prologue 33

K’ip’s achievements on behalf of the Ce’nnef war effort might not have been very helpful for his karma stat, but at least K’ip and Si’ri got a quick and marginally comfortable ride to the other end of the desert out of it, cutting many days from their travel schedule – and countless random encounters with weird desert creatures. On top of that, K’ip got some bling…but, in view of that whole karma thing, it might be better not to wave that in peoples’ faces too much. >_>

With the desert behind them, our heroes…sorry, our hero and his not-officially-a-risk-sharing-party-member companion fairy…embark on what is already the final leg of their journey to their destination – now also revealed to be the lost… uh, abandoned city of Ad’nanapart.

Lost cities used to be prime locations for finding legendary, plot-important artifacts, and abandoned cities (often the same) have taken over that function…ever since Google Maps and similar software completely undermined the status of lost cities. >_> Oh, those glorious, long-gone days where a legendary lost city could remain blissfully lost and safely legendary until somebody went to the effort of actually going there and finding it. The decline of the concept started when Graziani rolled into Kufra in 1931, and nowadays there are only few spots left were a legendary lost city could linger…deep in the jungle, perhaps, but otherwise only underground or underwater. I’m actually not quite sure whether this fantasy world should really have some equivalent to Google Maps, but I thought better safe than sorry…so Ad’nanapart is an abandoned city now, that’s a distinction that’s hard to take away without actually going there.

Mysterious swoop is mysterious.

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