A new Beginning (cont.) – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 1

And here we go again, with a brand-new, shiny, spectacular chapter, titled: “(Title withheld until the opening credits)”. And with a title like that, you know it’s gonna be good!

The first establishment scene in the new chapter takes us back to a setting we’ve used before. Right, the solar system. But beside that, also Lillytown University – where the Professor teaches, Mopey assists (scientifically), Biff studies (snort) and Snuka…uh…hangs out.

Although, at the moment, Snuka seems to be cheerleading instead of hanging out, alongside Gregory…my first guess would be that they have been bribed into doing that, but given the less-than-flattering wording of their cheer, it’s also possible that Biff bullied them into it. Alternatively, it remains possible that they really did their best coming up with something nice to say about Biff, and just couldn’t do any better.

Biff, in the meantime, has undergone some character development between chapters. Or perhaps that’s too strong. Let’s say, rather, that he learned a lesson. Or, still more accurate, learned the wrong lesson. A classic case of generalizing too much, based on anecdotal evidence. Not that the lesson is entirely useless – his new wariness regarding ‘chesty’ girls should adequately protect him against any other sabotage fembots trying to exploit him. And against a few other things, as well…so, in summary, he’s learned a lesson, and it didn’t leave him any more stupid than he was before. That’s promising.

More on Thursday.

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