A Ray of Hope (cheesy, I know…) – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 115

And here we have a(nother) clear demonstration of the utter necessity of employing -properly employing!- a finishing move. Unfinished enemies, like unfinished business, tend to come back to bite you in the ass at the least convenient moment.*

Gathering every last scrap of strength remaining, the kaiju launches a final attack and thwarts the mecha-kaiju’s assault on the reactor at the last possible moment (since any earlier would have been artless.) Potentially sacrificing its life in the process! … although that will depend, ultimately, on the probability of a sequel.

And just to be sure, it’s entirely the fault of not finishing off the bio-kaiju when the going was good. No matter what the mecha-kaiju pilot might say, it’s not the fault of the targeting monocle. Those things are not only highly fashionable (you’ll be the star at any scifi con), this one in particular is a masterpiece of optical engineering by Carl Zeiss AG. If the Prussian units of measurement gave him trouble, it’s only because the pilot didn’t properly employ the monocle: he put on only the monocle itself. Normally, he should have put on a pickelhaube as well, plus getting a fetching fencing scar somewhere on his face. Without the full suit, how could he expect the full effect?

More on Thursday.

*Assuming there even are moments when you’d consider a bite in your ass convenient. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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