AaaAaiiiiiiiehhh! – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 17

It’s interesting, there are actually some parallels between Mopey (the character) and the actress who plays her. For one thing, they’ve both invested a lot of effort into avoiding categorization as a “scream queen” (if for different reasons), and they’ve both not entirely succeeded at it.

And of course it’s not possible to avoid entirely, in their chosen line of work (goes for both)…you don’t have to do it at any and every opportunity (as some do), but there are points in a movie plot where the action just can’t proceed without somebody screaming. Before Mopey’s scream, the monster’s approach was strictly asymptotic: it drew closer and closer and closer, but it would still never have actually gotten there. Because a self-respecting monster knows better than to enter a scene to an absence of screams. Mopey and Snuka could have been stuck there for hours!

…and if Mopey hadn’t been sure that Biff was safely out of hearing range, they would have, because in the other case she’d never, ever. The risk of him coming to her aid would have been just too great – a risk both in terms of bottomless humilliation it would mean to her, as well as in terms of the disasters that regularly befall anybody whom Biff is sincerely trying to aid. ._.

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