Animal handler – Chapter 1, Strip 63b

Every actor knows that small children or cute animals will alway outact you. Today, Snuka learns that that’s not even the worst that can happen.

Check out the bonus episode to learn the gruesome fate of Neferhotep, Rutentuten’s head mummy.

Actually, the blooper strip was to be the bonus, and the Neferhotep one was to be the storyline strip, but then I realized that a future strip references this cat incident, while Neferhotep’s end has little impact on coming events, and switched them around. This further screws up my numbering ‘system’, of course, and it also means that Neferhotep has met his end off-stage. So if you consider my comic to have a canon, Neferhotep is now a kind of Schroedinger’s cat, trapped in a undefined state between life and death. Not that that would make much of a difference to an undead mummy. And not that it would matter in a b-movie, where minor characters often disappear from the plot without any explanation, and sometimes major characters, too.

Speaking of faults and bloopers, the text in the first two panels of the blooper strip does not actually correspond to the text the scene had in Monday’s update. When I rewrote that scene I forgot to reflect the change in the ‘blooper’, so this is still the original text. A real b-movie moment in BMC.

To answer Lee’s question, ‘Gimme Sum’ estimates capital requirements for a franchise to between 289,000 and 395,000 USD. At Lee’s income of 3,75 HKD a day (incl. stunt work), based on current exchange rates, he should be able to afford one in around 1637 to 2237 years. If he works every single day, that is, and doesn’t spend any more money on disinfectant.

As far as the Neferhotep strip is concerned, I’m not really sorry it got bounced from the main slot. Somehow, I really found that gag hilarious when I came up with it, but I can’t for the life of me remember why. I must have been in a very peculiar state of mind at that moment. Should anybody discover any angle under which it could be considered funny, let me know in the forum, or drop me an e-mail. 🙂

Also: A new voting incentive goes up today (hit refresh if the old one shows up, some browsers seem to be weird that way). This one is an older pic of Mopey in a rather compromising situation, from a time in her life she doesn’t like to be remembered of. Snuka dug it up somewhere, and I guess he tried to blackmail her or something. When I found him, one hand was still clutching this bloodstained picture, with the other hand he had tried in vain to protect his crotch. So, since the pic is responsible for Snuka’s sperm count dropping to double digits, I’ll just publish it to prevent it from doing any more harm in future.

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