Bob the Boulder – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 18

To defend Mopey against allegations of hipocrisy, let me stress again that that’s a “mega-pout” in the first panel, not a “duck face”. These are related concepts, physiologically, but notice how the pout involves the lower lip projecting a good deal over the upper. Just pointing that out because it would indeed be somewhat hyporcritical of her to engage in a behaviour she’s previously killed other people for.

As for Biff, this is probably one of the highlights of his life, as far as appreciation for his intellectual efforts is concerned. It doesn’t happen every day that people who are demonstrably far smarter than him (which is a derpressingly large share of the populace) end up following one of his suggestions. But that’s just what the Professor and his ilk had coming to them, for haughtily foreswearing the proven educational effects of Saturday morning cartoons in their youth.

And, yeah, those are the annals of history you often hear about. You should always take a copy along when you go time-travelling – not only will it help you avoid turning the present into a nuclear wasteland ruled over by mutated, intelligent cockroaches by stepping on a butterfly, they’re also very useful for planning the sight-seeing on your trip. You were probably expecting a more massive volume, given how along all of this has been going on already, but it’s printed on thin paper in small print, and they leave out all of the less interesting stuff to keep it manageable. If you’re leafing through its pages looking for an effective way to stop railway traffic, you’ll find a couple: mining the tracks, blowing up bridges, carpet-bombing railway stations and privatization. But the first three have that huge collateral damage issue, and the fourth method is just too time-consuming and far too thorough for the situation at hand – they only want to stop one train, not almost all of them.

So that leaves Biff’s idea at the most sensible suggestion. He might want to have that sentence inscribed on a plaque as a memorial. ._.

More on Thursday.

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