Just look the other way – Another short intermission, strip 2

And another “intermissionary” strip between chapters, with the added bonus of giving me an opportunity to show that, yes indeed, my characters do experience character development. Just look at Captain Hawker Valiant, who has clearly learned a valuable lesson from that little affair on Uranus.

The lesson is titled “Not my job. Don’t care.” The key to happiness! Or at least the key to not having to appear in the next chapter, which pretty much amounts to the same thing, in Capt. Hawker’s case. Most people have to learn that lesson the hard way, although some, like Sgt. Schulz, seem blessed with the knowledge from birth.

I did play with the thought of running with the whole “Marsdolf” thing for a moment or two, but ultimately I went “nope”, just like Capt. Valiant. Using Stalin is already pushing it, this would really have been a bridge too far.

New ,definitely Marsdolf-less chapter on Monday!