Chapter 1, Strip 2

As you can hopefully guess from the airport displayish thingy in the first panel, and the background in the others, our heroes are already on their way to Egypt by plane.

Unfortunately, the comment that accompanied the first comic failed to make clear the reason for their trip, so here is the belated explanation: Professor Doctor, teacher of mad science at Lillytown U, has received an urgent plea for assistance from his old friend and colleague, British professor Sir Lostalot Broughtup- Snobishly, who currently is on an archeological expedition to Egypt, and has been beleagured by supranatural phenomena ever since discovering the tomb of ancient princess Turtentiten. Professor Dr. looses no time, and takes his scientific assistant, Mopey, and Lillytown loosers quarterback Biff Boffenheimer along.

Cairo, by the way, is not usually spelled with a K, but I did this typo on purpose to, uhm, introduce, well, some element of, like, enstrangement to the strip….right, that’s it. Enstrangement.

On another note, and despite rumours to the contrary, I am not an embittered insurance salesman.

Mopey’s hair is rather ugly, as you can see, I’m going to change it a bit next time around.

And finally, I solemnly swear to make shorter comments in future.