Porschegg? – Chapter 8 Epilogue, Strip 19

This strip inaugurates the final little bit of this chapter, which I will charitably refer to as an omake.

Essentially it’s a little peek into the further adventures of Latho on his quest for forgiveness, which will be left unexplored apart from this.

Although this first part doesn’t really look at his further adventures so much as his wider family. And since in fiction family is usually based on appearances, it’s rather inevitable that one other chaos-spreading, egg-traveling alien is on the same family register* as Latho, isn’t it?

The differences in their physical appearance don’t really require much of an explanation, with all of the shape-shifting going on…and the difference in the appearance of their respective space-eggs can be easily explained by preference, as Latho does. It stands to reason that a smooth egg would give you better acceleration and higher top speed than a lumpy one, right? Everyone knows from scifi movies that spaceship design has to follow the principles of aerodynamics even in the absence of aero. And if a smooth egg is faster, it follows automatically that a lumpy one would be more comfortable, since that’s how it works with cars. So what Latho says doesn’t really make any sense at all, but is still eminently reasonable on some level. =P

More on Monday.

* Well, chaos-realm-equivalent of a family register, that is. Record keeping standards are probably a bit fishy in the Realm of Chaos.