Chapter 1, Strip 9

Buahahahaha ! Finally, the living mummy itself gets his first appearance in ! The moment to wait for in every mummy flick, unfortunately, with my kind of threadbare plot, I had to weave it in rather nonchalantly – you can’t raise the undead that easily.
Believe me, I tried.

Anyway, the lines in the first panel are actual excerpts from pyramidal texts – the next time you happen to see a mummy displayed in a museum, I dare you to speak them out aloud ! The first one to furnish proof positive that he did that wins a free Rutentuten figurine (regular price 399,95 !) !

Just to clarify things in case I didn’t manage to clearly communicate the course of events in the strip: Between panels three and four, t-shirt boy gets mugged by the mummy, and the mummy takes his clothes and shades. Everyone who thought he just turned into a mummy loses 10 points.

And yes, that’s Colonel Sanders in the last panel. Go figure.

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