Chiswick, fresh bull! – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 20

Inevitably, Biff wraps his mode of transportation around a tree. I do admit that that would have been far less cruel with a car instead of a horse, but I’m not responsible for the lagging technology of the 16th Century, am I?

Fortunately, horses in movies lose no speed when carrying two riders, so our friends are still able to catch up with their prey. And how could they not – they had only a vague idea in which direction their opponent was going, and Dr. Fu’s assistant had a head start measured in hours, as well as a mount as fast or faster than our friends’. So, naturally, they got them into their sights within minutes, easily recognizing them from a few miles away.

But will they also be able to keep their adversary in their sights? The rules have changed now – now that the henchperson is within sight, they can make use of the full speed of their mount, which they somehow couldn’t before. Who will win the race – a monk on a bull, or a scholar, a nun and a halberdier on two horses? Not an easy question, since there’s probably a veeeery limited amount of precedence for that specific case. Possibly even no precedence at all. But at least there will be soon.

More on Thursday.

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