Days of Future Past – Chapter 9, Prologue, Strip 5

Quite understandably, Mopey is taking her new lab for a test-drive right away. And given her tendency for persistence, it’s no surprise that she is keen to continue where she was forced to leave off before – the mysterious experiment of which we only know, thanks to Biff, that everyone is interested in its outcome.

But then she makes a breath-taking discovery before the experiment has even started…

And, yeah, it’s true. I’m not sure if our world would look like that vintage future vision in the background of the final panel, but our world would definitely look better if people made a habit out of checking out the available options, rather than blindly accepting the default settings. >_> (And it’s not like I could claim that I habitually do that – but at least I have a bit of a guilty conscience for not doing it. Theologically speaking, that makes a difference. =P) It’s kinda depressing how easily having many options can lead to overload…

As for the specific future vision in the last panel…it’s obviously from the fifties, and by now we can say with some authority that it didn’t come to pass and never will. And yeah, some aspects of it make it not even look all that desirable from today’s perspective…what does attract me is less the actual content and more the attitude towards the future that it was obviously based on.

More on Monday.

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