Devastation on Multiple Levels – Chapter 9, Prologue, Strip 19

Well, Snuka’s very, very bad day continues.

Which means, at the same time, that his very, very bad week continues…which is part of his very, very bad month in this very, very bad year of his very, very bad life.

He’s used to it, though. I guess, some of these days I’m going to have to allow him to experience a good day…just so he gains some proper perspective on his misery. Right now, he might not even realize how bad he is off, since he has nothing to compare it to.

But that’s not actually the reason for his somewhat subdued reaction in panel six. Normally, he would have shown a much more pronounced reaction to seeing that all of his rebuilding work has gone to waste and that he’ll have to do it all over again. (And with some added complication or difficulty on top of it, because that’s always the case.) The reason for the toned-down reaction is just that there has to be sufficient range on the downside for the much greater shock he receives in the final panel.

So whatever Snuka is seeing in panel nine is worse than having to redo a rebuilding project that nearly killed him from the start, with an as-of-yet-unknown difficulty or complication added on top. And I think that’s exactly the right kind of perspective on it.

Of course, with that kind of build-up, I can’t actually reveal the shocking reality today – I just have to use it for a cliffhanger. Please understand.

More on Monday.

4 Replies to “Devastation on Multiple Levels – Chapter 9, Prologue, Strip 19”

  1. I want to address that we saw Snuka with open eyes before, at least three times. Maybe four, but five would be a stretch.

    1. That’s true, but the point still stands: he can’t open his eyes, i.e. they never open as the result of his conscious control. It’s always caused by the circumstances, usually shocking and disturbing ones…and quite often circumstances he’d rather not see, ironically.

  2. Should we be concerned that his first vision is the silhouette of a penis? I’ve seen enough hentai to know this won’t end well…

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