Dulce et decorating – Chapter 1, Strip 60

If you get something back after missing it for a long time, it will never be as good as you remember it to have been.

In panel 1, Rutentuten shows some more stereotypical b-movie villain behaviour: At the height of the climactic battle, he leaves control to a subordinate and goes to see to some menial task or private matter in person. I don’t know what makes them do that. What’s the reasoning behind saying: “It might cost me the battle, and by extension the empire over which I have ruled tyrannically for 30 years, but at this one moment where my leadership would be actually required, I can’t stop myself from checking on the prisoners in person, instead of sending some of my lackeys standing around useless, or postponing that marginal detail to a more opportune moment. I shall leave my spineless, sycophantic henchman in charge here, over the heads of all my highly qualified staff officers. Oh, and I won’t take any of my high-paid bodyguards with me, so I can have a one-on-one fight with some younger, better-trained, more determined hero I might meet down in the dungeons.”

Ha, I really like Rutentuten’s face in the second panel, seems our undead pharaoh is going all sentimental on us. Well, even mummies are entitled to their romantic moments, as are goths.

His memories are probably a bit romanticized, anyway. Somehow, I can’t quite picture an Egyptian princess doing her own decorating. I’d imagine it ran more like:
“Servants! Move the garland a bit to the right…ah, I see. No, that’s not it. Move the hanging a bit to the left…mhm, close but not quite. Move the palace two step east, now…”

Heed Mopey’s interior decoration advise. Skulls really make great conversation pieces, and have gone out of fashion completely unwarranted. Skulls are not only useful in decoration, but can be also used as drinking vessels. Or even nutcrackers, if the jaw is prominent enough. Placed on spears in front of your door, they are a clear statement that you value your privacy, and are disregarded by only the most battle-hardened of salespersons.
If she hadn’t lost motivation, Mopey would next have told you of the importance of candles, especially scented ones. It’s not just the atmospheric light they give off, or the smell, the best thing is the edgy feeling you get from placing numerous open flames in a room hanging full of textiles. It’s like having a little bit of hell’s fire right there in your room. Between that, the lurking threat of incineration, and the light-headedness resulting from lack of oxygen, nothing lets you not enjoy life more than some scented candles.

Next time (likely never) in Mopey’s interior decoration bit of the show, we will visit the local funeral parlor and take a look at the newest in gothic bedroom furniture.

In further happy news, a new voting incentive goes up today, and this time around, it should work with both Webcomicslist as well as Topwebcomics. It’s no old stuff, but a completely new 2-panel Harry Potter joke starring also Hermione, Draco and Goyle. If I grossly misrepresented any of them in your opinion, let me know in the forums. 🙂
On Thursday: “Merging of the storylines!”

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