Epic Height – Chapter 9, Prologue, Strip 12

The Tower of High Magic is high, indeed.

Appropriately so, since the height of towers has a lot of bearing on their representational and prestige value – their military value does not increase with height beyond a certain point (the point were you’re no longer able to see potential assailants from the top of it), and, as the Professmagicirarian correctly points out, living standards actually decline if you do your living on top of a taller tower without an elevator.

The other reason that makes this sort of height appropriate for a Tower of High Magic is the fact that, given the constructions standards and knowledge of statics you can expect of a medieval/fantasy world, you actually need magic to build a tower of anything like that height. Especially such a slender one. Only magic-users get to screw the rules of statics like that.

And speaking of screwing the rules, that’s the only thing that actually got the Barbicianessor that far. On the meta level, the rule book wouldn’t have allowed him to multi-class like that…but on an in-universe level, I just feel it’s unrealistic to assume that somebody as incredibly rich as our friends would have been after countless campaigns of adventuring couldn’t get the powers that be to bend the rules in their favor.

Naturally, the way up the mounta…uh, I mean, up the tower…will be long and arduous. It’s always been that with past iterations of the Silhouette high thing that’s three times higher than the other Silhouette high thing. And in this case, it’s even justified in the way that these places of higher magical learning regularly require would-be pupils to pass through a number of difficult challenges and test to prove their worth…and let’s just assume that the Professmagicirarian wanted to play it fair this time, and didn’t use his filthy lucre to get around the whole effort in some way…

More on Thursday.

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  1. PLUS, a tower THAT big allows for compensating for ANY penis size. It’s important for wizards to be haughty regardless of physical stature.

    1. And most of them manage to be without too many difficulties. XD Not that I think there are too many wizards that would worry about penis size…and those that do probably simply specialize in shape-changing magic. XD

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