Faster than a pink elephant – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 88

I’m not sure if it reads clearly, so, to confirm: The Professor is drunk. He’s not suddenly Scottish.

How could he? He was drinking apple cider, not scotch. >_>

Another hint is that he believes he’s hallucinating, which is steretypically associated with drunkenness, not Scottishness. (Although, admittedly, on a B-movie level of stereotypicality, Scots tend to be at least somewhat drunk most all of the time. That also helps actors with mimiking the accent. >_>)

While he did hallucinate a bit about apples and gravity in the time between Monday’s strip and this one, his most current hallucination strongly reminds him of a movie he once saw. While he’s actually not that much into movies…especially these new-fangled “talkies”, were you can hear the actors and they don’t even have to properly act anymore…he watched that series of movies because it was by a former student. A disgruntled former student, but what can you do? There was no way the Professor could have given that fellow a passing grade on anything – you could have filled a library with all of the stuff which that kid didn’t understand…or hundreds of multiplex cinemas.

The Professor took his former student’s little “dig” at him in good stride, of course. In some respects, he found Dr. Brown to even be something of a flattering portrayal.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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