Get thee to a nunnery! – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 13

In case you’re wondering what Prof. Chronometricos is doing in the first panel, he’s basically just entering the date and location information he had gathered into the computer. It just needs a bit of fluffing up for the purposes of a movie, so he unleashed a bit of technobabble into the general direction of the audience – of course, any movie scriptwriter knows that stuff like that doesn’t have to be technically correct, or even just make any sense at all. After all, only total nerds or NASA engineers use computers, so a general audience can be easily hoodwinked by just scrambling some headlines from a computer magazine together. Nobody will be able to tell. Of course the actor has to do his part, in a scene like this – mostly by making a kind of repeated clawing motion over the keyboard, which will be accompanied by the soundeffect of fast typing on a mechanical typewriter. Better not use a mouse, though. Only SUPERnerds use those, a general audience probably doesn’t even know what it is.

The prop for the chameleon-circuitronic cell was fun to do for George Geekish – he’s never before asked the wardrobe department for a complete wardrobe, irrespective of the contents.

Speaking of wardrobe, precisely half of the team are happy with theirs – 66% are 100% happy, and 33% are 150% unhappy. The Professor likes his stylish scholastic threads, and Biff is proud to be a robot, he never thought he’d make it. Mopey…
…well, let’s just say I don’t usually censor swearwords, but reproducing what she actually said in the last panel would simply have gone a step too far. If she ever gets tired of her BMC gig, she could easily transfer to Bettle Bailey and replace Sgt. Snorkel.

More on Monday.

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