Gone fishing – Chap. 6, Act 2, Strip 14

Excellent, Ninjaiakis.exe is up and running again, if still a bit wobbly-kneed.

Volume is probably still stuck at max, but with the whole ninja village completely relocated there is no longer a pressing need to get it down. The beach in question is on Okinawa, 765 miles from Iga – even Biff isn’t that loud.

The added advantage for the Professor is that he won’t have to write his sternly-worded letter to the village elders after all, concerning their lack of watchfullness. And in turn, he won’t receive a sternly-worded letter from the elders concerning the lack of stealth of the group he brought along. If a ninja rule is broken in the forrest, and nobody is around to hear it, it doesn’t make a sound (as a ninja rule shouldn’t, anyway). (And the old ninja rules still stand, now, because Ninjapoleon.exe terminated before the Code Ninjapoléon was finished.)

Tostito (who is, of course, Dorito’s uncle) isn’t really good at drawing maps, but he found a clever way around that: he clearly labeled the beach on his map as “beach”, then just as clearly labeled the actual beach the same. He got the idea from the ‘Hollywood’ hillside sign, which he assumes must be due to some similarly lazy map-maker. (And he tried the same with the sea, but he couldn’t get the color to stick.)

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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