Home, new Home – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 126

And thus our heroes have safely returned to the place they set out from.

Even if that place wasn’t necessarily in exactly the same place it is now, back then. Space is only a mental construct…well, at least as long as works of fiction are concerned. I think this is the safest solution – Biff’s personal brand of chest-thumping patriotism was getting just a bit too controversial in the current political climate. But it is an established part of his character, so it couldn’t be simply dropped…but, just by shifting the location of Lillytown (which was previously only vaguely defined, fortunately) a couple of miles northward, Biff’s ultra-patriotism immediately gets a lot less politically loaded.

For Biff himself, the biggest change will probably be that he’ll have to pick up playing a completely different game…oh, and he’ll have to remember adding that famous ‘eh’ after every sentence, at least until his new national identity is sufficiently established. Which is kind of frustrating for him, since he spent so much effort un-learning to say ‘uh’ all the time, which feels a bit like a waste now.

Of course, he’ll also have to learn not to wear a jacket over the Canada shirt, which is a typical mistake for beginner-level Canadians to make. Veteran Canadians know that you can’t wear anything over that shirt, because it results in embarrassing pictures much too easily.

More on Thursday.

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