Humble Bundle – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 76

And now, somewhere…Mopey awakens from her confusing visions into her aggravating reality.

She is, indeed, still alive – just not enjoying it so much right now. ._.

It’s not that Mopey likes being tied up, but as a comic heroine it does happen frequently enough to her to justify the effort to rank potential co-captives by desirability. Amongst her teammates, Gregory clearly ranks #1, obviously. The Professor follows, for he’s at least a good raconteur. Snuka is #3, and Biff comes dead last. Or used to come dead last, since she’s now had to add a further line to the list: Snuak is still #3, Biff is #4, and two Snukas is now dead last, especially as long as they’re fighting with each other. Being tied up with all three Snuka’s is an ordeal too horrific to contemplate for her at the moment.

The Snuka’s aren’t enjoying the situation any more than Mopey, of course. At least they seem to have recovered somewhat from the various injuries they had inflicted on each other. Although boyscout!Snuka doesn’t seem to have recovered sufficient fingers to be of much use in this situation. While original!Snuka still has all of his, but he’s surely not volunteering them.

So they’re all kinda stuck, right now…which is good, anyway, since the plot requires them to.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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