La femme qui rit. – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 117

Meanwhile, back on Aravanadi, a freshly re-integrated Snuka comes to, with a little help from a friend.

And, yes, Mopey is a friend of Snuka, she’d just die rather than admit that.

And, yes, she administered the smelling salts in order to help Snuka, even if she’d deny that, as well, if you asked her. She’d probably say she did it only to see his funny face. Which in reality, however, was not her main motivation, although she did consider it as a positive side-effect.

By the way…as popular as smelling salts were back in the days when Mopey’s fashion were mainstream, actual scientific proof of their effectiveness is meagre to non-existent, so it would seem a bit out-of-character for Mopey to use it…but let’s just say she didn’t have the time to review the literature properly. =P

What Snuka is referring to with his remarks about an Icelandic fishmonger is hakarl, an Icelandic dish notable for its very strong smell of ammonia. Even the locals admit that it’s an acquired taste, and are usually unable to name any good reason why somebody would bother to acquire it. Snuka was so repulsed he only stole a very small amount of it, and only on a matter of principle.

Of course Mopey got a bit more than she bargained for…she had hoped that Snuka would make a funny face as the smelling salts were applied, but she hadn’t really expected him to feature a funny hairdo, as well. She’s trying to keep a straight face, but she’s failing badly, right now…I’d have depicted her face in the final panel, but I think that you shouldn’t waste food, and that would apply to the gratuitous curddling of milk. >_>

More on Thursday.

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