Literary critiscism – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 25

In case you were wondering how the villains were planning to weaponize the Twilight novels against our heroes (and let’s face it, there are actually a number of ways to weaponize those), here you see their plan in action.

Essentially, it came down to inflicting such a level of mental anguish on Mopey that she couldn’t help giving away her position. This was made possible by the apparently very accurate personality sketch of Mopey provided by our villains’ mysterious ‘guest’ and their possession of advanced accoustic location devices – no doubt descendants of the famous Japanese War Tubas.

No matter how strong-willed Mopey is, and how aware of the need for utmost silence, hearing her subculture being gratuitously associated with those novels was just beyond her powers of leaving uncontested. The select excerpts only heightened the effect, of course.

And no, I haven’t read the novels (the excerpts came from some of the many ‘worst of’ lists), so this is all based solely on their perception in popular culture…which might be a bit unfair, of course, but hey, it’s a B-movie. Dealing in stereotypes is what B-movies do. =P

As an aside, concerning panel 5: I have no idea what the proper tactical symbol for a war tuba would be, so I combined a paper clip and a horn. Close enough. XD

More on Thursday!

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