May 4th Special – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 100

I’ve never really done a special for May 4th before, but since I’ve been believably assured that it has recently become the preeminent* religious holiday…

…and it was kinda convenient, too, since the Professor’s thread still needed some obstacle he’d have to overcome very quickly. Plus, it’s not like I’m making his character too powerful, this way…the next time May 4th will fall on a regular updated day will be in 2020, so I can safely ignore the Professor’s new-found force levitation powers until then.

And, yeah, an old Japanese tank would have fitted the scenario on that Island much better than the old German model I’ve used – but the Japanese WWII tanks lack physical presence when it comes to portraying a seemingly-insurmountable obstacle, which was the task here. Plus, using this tank allows me to declare Eye of the Tiger the official musical suggestion to accompany this strip. And who’s to say that Adm. Watanabe isn’t something of a collector?

So, uh…may the Force be with you, and more on Thurs…uh, Monday!

* for certain specific definitions of ‘preeminent’. YMMV.

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