Moo. – Intermission, Strip 8

OK, I withdraw what I said (or rather, quoted) last Monday regarding only the farmers having won. It seems that actually, the farmers have lost. Especially the dairy farmers in the Netherlands. ._.

The strange thing being, Snuka doesn’t even know why, precisely, he hates Gouda cheese (and the Dutch cows involved in its production) that much. It’s like some faint memory of things that weren’t, always hovering barely outside his conscious mind, always out of reach, but always there.

Well, I guess he’ll manage to work through it, sooner or later. Ammunition is expensive, after all, he can’t go on like that forever. (Of course he’s stealing it, anyway, but it still costs him time he could spend stealing something else.)

“De Volkskrant” is the third largest newspaper in the Netherlands, but I’ve decided to use it instead of one of the two larger ones because I think the name sounds funnier. The article with the photo is actually about cows in India, but at least it had a picture of a cow. By B-movie standards, that’s already high fidelity!

More on Thursday.

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