Mopping up – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 34

Well, the team’s pretty much done for this time period, just a few loose threads to tie up yet, which the Professor pretty much does the same way the other Professor did (or rather will do) in that other time period. Which is totally not lazy writing, but a realistic depiction of the fact that a methodical, scientific approach will lead to similar results when applied to similar questions. *cough*

I wasn’t sure what to have the Professor scribble on the disguised time machine to ensure its destruction by the local populace, but the Xbone logo seemed like the safest choice, with an established track record of arousing wrath so voluminous, it can be assumed to work irrespective of place and time. Just and observation, I have no personal opinion on the matter.

Sakura was given ample time to hobble into the frame and send some ineffectual vow of eternal revenge after our departed heroes, but I guess all the lead in her body must have slowed her down. She simply hasn’t written enough famous operas to have the same kind of necessary-for-the-timeline immortality which someone like Richard Wagner enjoys.

Too bad, too – I think she could have written some good ones.

More on Monday.

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