(Muzzle)blast from the past – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 43

As a special service, you get the first four panels of today’s strip in Mopey-Vision(ntm) – for all of those who wondered what life looks like through the eyes of Mopey. As you can see, it doesn’t actually look all that different, save for the restricted field of vision that’s the price for having such luxurious bangs. Of course if it was actually Mopey looking through her eyes, instead of the audience, everything would be at least 50% darker…but that’s not her vision, just her perception.

As for the last panel, the Professor has every reason to gloat, of course. While the purpose of his achievement is somewhat nebulous, it’s scale can hardly be doubted! The Brinell hardness of normal chocolate is hardly 0.5% of what the Professor needed to reach to give his gun barrels a useful service life. They needed to test thousands of different combinations of ingedients to come up with a chocolate that’s sufficiently hard, yet still edible – and then they still had to deal with taste!

But also note that the Professor still isn’t overestimating the impact of his achievement: he says that humanity could only dream of chocolate artillery. He doesn’t claim that humanity actually did. >_>

More on Thursday!

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