(No)bodies stooges. – Chapter 1, Strip 54

Rutentuten learns that some of his orders have been followed to the letter 4000 years ago, but that’s not always a good thing. Includes gratuituos violence!

The Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon was a huge success! It ended up running for 4 1/2 days instead of the two planned, with a grand total of 302 submissions, and collected no less than 28,635 $ in pledges. Many thanks to everyone who contributed or donated!
By the way, the little thing I did can be found here:

So today we have a little cameo by the sultans of slapstick, the Three Stooges. I thought that, after having lifted the name ‘Rutentuten’ from one of their short subjects, it would only be fitting if I included them somewhere in the comic. And, after all, their particular brand of physical humour is of practically universal applicability.

The pun in the second panel is a near-quote from ‘We Want Our Mummy’, while the whole routine is something that was part of nearly every Stooges- short in some variation. It always went: Stooge A hurts Stooge B, Stooge B wants to strike back and accidentally hits Stooge C instead. This routine could stand on it’s own, or be the starting point for all types of escalation, and it could also be expanded to include other actors or inanimate objects.

The Stooges’ humour was often repetitive and frequently violent, but their execution was always flawless. With long years of stage experience behind their belts before they hit the silver screen, their team-acting was honed to an intuitive perfection matched by few if any later comedic teams.

If you are up for some more stooginess, I think this webadress is worth repeating:
and the in-sect has dug up a link to a neat life-size cutout of the boys (Moe, Larry and Curly Joe deRita, the final third stooge):

Oh, and do you realize what Rutentuten is doing in panel 1? He is REARMING! Buahahahah. Take it as proof of my undying love for you all that I didn’t make that pun. Well, actually I just did. Bad Roman.
(In case you wonder how he got the arm back, Biff couldn’t drag it further than to the portal, because it wouldn’t fit below the stone slab.)

And another word on panel 1:
In the world of b-movies, characters often suddenly gain knowledge of faraway events without any plausible explanation. Inventing ‘the force’ was a stroke of genius by Mr. Lucas in this regard, before that, they often had to use ‘female intuition’. XD

Burying servants or staff members alongside rulers or important persons, to enable them to continue their services in the afterlife, was actually never practised in Ancient Egypt, but it was common in a few other civilisations at around the same time. Ignoring or distorting a dead person’s last wishes was and is common to all civilisations, however.

A new voting incentive goes up today, the third and final installment in the ‘HP and the Window of Opportunity’ set. Collect them all. Oh, and I finally realized that TWC also supports incentives (just took me a few months to figure out), so from now on, the incentives will be behind both the TWC and the webcomicslist.com banner. On Thursday, we will check up on either Mopey or Sir Winston, not quite sure which one yet.

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