One little piggy, two little piggies… – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 37

Yeah, I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of always getting stuck with teaching the advanced mathematics courses. If you don’t teach basic math at least once in a while, you eventually forget how to count. Of course Snuka isn’t really helping by switching genders without applying for a new teammember number at the same time. These little discrepancies can create a lot of confusion – I mean, with a team of this size, who can keep it all under control when the paperwork isn’t unambiguous?

But it’s definitely got nothing to do with the Professor’s advanced age. He could have easily made the same mistake back when he was 16 – because at age 16, he had also been teaching advanced math classes for several semesters in a row…

And yeah, the time machines are steam-powered. Time is fluid, as you know, so the time machine has a boiler room in the basement in which that fluid is turned into steam, which powers a time turbine which propells the machine through time and space. And using steam power is also definitely a lot classier than anything involving quantum physics and all that messy stuff.

More on Thursday.

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