Personalized accommodations – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 51

So here’s the solution to the riddle posed by last Thursday’s strip: Confronted with the chance to complete her own corruption and fall to her beloved dark side forever, getting rid of her stunted, but still troublesome conscience in the bargain, Mopey obviously wimped out…uh, I mean, Mopey obviously obeyed her better nature and did the right thing.

To which the Professor replied by doing the wrong thing, having her locked up…even if the conditions of her incarceration are unusually and specifically accomodating. I don’t know about you, but I think that might already put him slightly outside of the territory where his behaviour is still covered by innocent enthusiasm for science.

But, because things are never simply black and white in real life, I’ve also used this strip to demonstrate that there’s another side even to a villain like Admiral Watanabe. He’s introduced a vegan option on the Cafeteria menu. I’m not sure how to rate that in comparison to the Geneva convention issue, since there’s no established unit of measurement for ethics, but it’s definite proof that he isn’t all evil, at least. (Even leaving aside all that prosperity he’s so keen on spreading around.)

Well, we’ll soon know…because with the Professor firmly on his side, Mopey busy writing poetry in a dungeon cell, Snuka being brainwashed and Biff being missing on top of his usual uselessness (with Gregory in tow), it seems there’s nothing standing in the way of Watanabe’s plan anymore, anyway.

More on Thursday!

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