Pink in Black and White – Chapter 9 Prologue, Strip 0

Welcome to the Ninth Chapter of the B-Movie Comic: The Door into Summer.

A title which is so devoid of specific meaning that I didn’t even have to bother to keep it obscured until some later date, as I had to do for some earlier chapters. >_>

But while that problem didn’t arise with the start of this chapter, another one did: The rather awkward scheduling of Valentine’s Day just at the seam between two chapters. With basically no situation or characters yet introduced and nothing to work off…I decided to go for something random instead. Not so random that it has no connection at all to things that will happen later in the story…but random enough so as to render those clues or allusions pretty much worthless.

So…uh, yeah, we’re not off to a stellar start. I’m fearing the worst. But I’m hoping better. Let’s just wait and see how this goes…

Happy Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day, though.

More on Thursday.

4 Replies to “Pink in Black and White – Chapter 9 Prologue, Strip 0”

  1. You can’t take a B-movie as a whole, you have to lookout for the parts of the movie that are good. You don’t watch a Godzilla movie for the anti-pollution message or the plot about an alien attack; you’re in it for the kaiju fights.

    1. Although that one Godzilla movie with a particularly strong anti-pollution message, Godzilla vs. Hedorah…is better if you watch it for that message, rather than the kind of kaiju fight sequences it had… XD

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